Introducing XAO – The Ultimate Revolutionary DeFi Ecosystem

LONDON, UK, Nov. 03, 2022 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) — Sweeping the blockchain realm, XAO is a unique DeFi Ecosystem that leverages the potential of unprecedented technological innovation and offers an unparalleled experience for its users.

 Uncovering the Features of the XAO Ecosystem

 As a holistic decentralised ecosystem, the users of XAO are given access to a full suite of professional DeFi applications deployed on the most innovative blockchains, including ERC20, BEP20, SOL, FTM, and MATIC. 

Expressing the vision for this breakthrough initiative, the founders of XAO declare: “Our ultimate mission is to bring the power of decentralisation in the hands of the users by clustering the key components of a DeFi ecosystem in a single landscape. XAO will facilitate the engagement with the revolutionary potential of blockchain technologies.”

In this pursuit, XAO introduces the lowest fees across all DEXes, coming in at just 0.1%. In addition to providing functionality, other outmoded exchanges cannot offer, XAO also delivers an exceptional user experience. Both traditional trading and the decentralised interface, in its currently recognised form, will be fundamentally altered due to XaoDEX’s efforts to revolutionise them.

XXAO is the native utility token utilised across the whole XAO ecosystem of sophisticated DeFi products and services, including multichain DEX, Swaps, Staking, Farms, LP’s, Crypto Derivatives Trading, Lending, P2E Games, DeFi Lottery, and DeFi Liquidity Aggregator. Constructed with a deflationary structure, deployed on BEP20 & ERC20, with a total supply of 1,000,000,000 XXAO Tokens.

Serving as the exclusive denominator for XAO members, the XaoPass NFT Card that grants its owners access to various unique features, prizes, and discounts that can be redeemed across the XAO ecosystem. XaoPass not only makes its holders profits, but it also increases in value when XAO publishes additional dApps per its three-phased plan.

How Xao’s Decentralised Finance Aggregator Disrupts the Blockchain Realm

In the pursuit of decentralisation, XAO introduces a cutting-edge Decentralised Finance Aggregator that is way more advanced than any DEX. To expedite and simplify users’ interactions with decentralised finance on ERC20 and EVM-compatible chains, XaoDEX aggregates many decentralised exchanges as well as other DeFi services into a single, all-encompassing user interface.

XaoDEX Aggregator provide its end customers with the optimal route and the most cost-effective pricing through a range of internal routing techniques. It simplifies the price comparison process and streamlines trading techniques, enabling users to save time and effort.

When a user connects to the exchange, the Xao DEX Aggregator finds the best rate with the assistance of a price aggregator that obtains off-chain pricing. This takes place when the user taps into the exchange. The exchange is then conducted with the assistance of a smart contract, which deposits the fee into a wallet. During this process, it is possible that a single order may be split up into many exchanges if doing so would result in the lowest overall cost.

 Multiple Avenues for Earning Profits Facilitated by XAO 

Overall, XAO offers a multitude of options for users who want to expand their financial wealth. A low-risk and hands-off approach to earning income on crypto assets is provided by XAO’s newly launched decentralised lending and borrowing protocol, which offers a pre-set APY. Cryptocurrency deposits in XaoLend earn interest on their cryptocurrency without having to conduct any maintenance or worry about the borrowers of their funds. Whereas other lending platforms evaluate risks on a global scale, XaoLend aligns lending and segregated risk markets. Using separated risk markets has several key consequences, one of which is that XaoLend is positioned to allow any token to be listed.

Earning passive income on your cryptocurrency assets with XaoPools, XaoFams and XaoStaking by providing liquidity and integrating their assets into a liquidity pools, with the minimal fees, advanced DeFi security XAO users get maximum return on their assets throughout tens of thousands of tokens across ERC20, BEP20, SOL, FTM, and MATIC blockchains, all on one, advanced, easy to use platform.

Embarking on the GameFi Journey with XaoPlay

Users can play games on XaoPlay, the newest generation of GameFi technology, and earn NFTs and crypto in the process. Game developers have the ability to tokenise their games via XaoPlay, which adds an exciting play-to-earn element to any existing game. Subsequently, the developers can then market their games to the vast DeFi and GameFi community through XAO.

Streamlining the advent of GameFi disruption, XaoPlay enables game developers to utilise the XAO DeFi ecosystem, liquidity, exchange and token for a small fee of 5% of income, allowing them to retain 95% of the revenues without having to develop their own token, ecosystem and lock liquidity, all while boosting the XAO Ecosystem and usefulness of the XXAO token.

XAO’s team aims to reward the most loyal members, so they introduced an innovative lottery system that was created to make it easier for players to take control of their experiences and standardise the blockchain gaming experience. You have the opportunity to earn XAO rewards by participating in XaoLotto. The most exciting part is that as long as you have the XAO with you to buy tickets, there is no limit to the number of times you may join the event.

Join Xao, the Most Revolutionary Decentralised Ecosystem

Without a doubt, XAO is much more than a regular DEX, as its ecosystem exceeds the complexity and technological advancements made by other existing decentralised platforms. Moving forward, XAO has a suite of core milestones that reveal the high ambitions of this unparalleled initiative, and one of the most important goals is becoming the most used DEX and DeFi ecosystem by 2024.

For those courageous enough to engage with the XAO ecosystem, check out their digital channels to learn more about XAO’s unique mission:




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