Blockmate Ventures to Offer Innovative Carbon Offset Cryptocurrency, Combatting Climate Change

LONDON and AMSTERDAM, April 26, 2023 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) — Blockmate Ventures Inc (TSX.V: MATE) (OTCQB: MATEF) (FSE: 8MH1) (“Blockmate” or the “Company”) announces the launch of its green strategy by incorporating KlimaDAO to offer the ground breaking, blockchain-based carbon offset cryptocurrency through its and websites, revolutionizing the fight against climate change with a simple click-to-buy solution.

By making the KlimaDAO cryptocurrency available across its platform, Blockmate enables users to effortlessly purchase and support blockchain-based carbon credits through the Company’s user-friendly websites, and With this innovative cryptocurrency, users can offset their carbon footprint while supporting climate change mitigation projects around the world.

Justin Rosenberg, CEO of Blockmate, commented, “Our partnership marks a significant milestone in our mission to combat climate change. By leveraging the power of blockchain technology and KlimaDAO’s innovative carbon offset cryptocurrency, we’re making it easier than ever for individuals and businesses to take action against global warming and contribute to a more sustainable future.

We have several projects in our pipeline and we’re grateful to be launching such projects when our planet is aligned – the environment, technology, government support and investors.”

Blockmate’s integration of KlimaDAO’s carbon offset cryptocurrency allows users to seamlessly buy carbon credits on a secure and transparent platform. Revenue for Blockmate will be generated from transaction fees and the growth in demand for carbon credits as more people seek to offset their carbon emissions.

As the global focus on climate change intensifies, the demand for carbon offset solutions is expected to rise. The introduction of this carbon offset cryptocurrency through Blockmate’s websites aligns with the Company’s commitment to environmental sustainability and positions the Company at the forefront of innovative climate change solutions.

Andrew Smith, CEO of Blockchain World which operates the and websites, stated, “We’re proud to offer a solution that not only drives the adoption of blockchain technology but also addresses one of the most pressing issues of our time. By offering a simple and secure way to purchase carbon offsets, we’re empowering individuals and businesses to make a tangible impact in the fight against climate change.”

About Blockmate Ventures Inc.
Blockmate Ventures is a Web3 incubator/venture creator focussing on businesses that utilise blockchain technology and decentralization to provide greater utility, accessibility and sustainability around everyday services. Working with prospective Founders, projects in incubation can benefit from the Blockmate ecosystem that offers tech, services, integrations, digital assets, and advisory to accelerate the incubation of projects towards monetization.

Blockmate’s current platforms include FX payments (Midpoint), “Radically simple Web3 mining” (Hivello) and green projects (Blockchain World and others in the pipeline).

The leadership team at Blockmate Ventures have successfully founded successful tech companies from the Dotcom era through to the social media era and view Web3 technology as the vehicle for a democratised future. Join the Hivello waitlist for a free passive income app and learn more about being a Blockmate investor at:

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Justin Rosenberg, CEO
Blockmate Ventures Inc
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