Sunanc International Limited Creates More Reliable Trading Environment Relying on New generation of MT5 Trading System

Sunanc trading platform has been recognized by many institutions and markets for its high coverage and efficient services.

London, UK, July 13, 2022 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) — Recently, Sunanc International Limited officially launched MT5 mobile web terminal. As a multi-functional online trading system software integrating a set of market charts and sales reports, technical analyses, trading orders and so on, the MT5 trading system has changed how people trade. Through a cellphone or tablet computer, investors can monitor account changes unencumbered by time and space, quickly set up or shut down positions, and directly observe the market and perform technical analyses with the help of more than 30 pre-installed technical indicators on smart devices. In addition, the Sunanc MT5’s trading system has achieved an environment free from trader interference, effectively reducing human interference and offering investors a more reliable trading environment.

Sunanc International Limited Creates More Reliable Trading Environment Relying on New generation of MT5 Trading System

Sunanc International Limited always remains true to the original aspiration of serving the financial capital market, stays committed to the important concept of serving the financial industry while working hard at the frontline of the financial market, and wholeheartedly provides customers with a full range of financial derivatives trading services, and helps investors to successfully avoid risks in the financial market by using risk management tools featuring high leverage, low difference, rapid execution without repeated quotation and fund custody. Meanwhile, customized trading risk control schemes are created to meet the personalized needs of different investors and improve the depth of services. Sunanc’s business has been extended to Hong Kong, Macao and Taiwan, Southeast Asia, Europe, America, etc.

Customize cross-portfolio investment to create a diversified trading platform

In addition to standardized futures trading services, Sunanc also offers risk management consulting services to demanding investors, providing them with flexible, diversified and cross-portfolio investment products to avoid short-term market risks of a single financial product skillfully. Investment products cover a full range of financial services such as stocks, foreign exchanges, gold and silver, financial futures and global futures contract brokerage trading and other all-around financial businesses.

Enable risk management and ensure fund security

Futures transaction is highly leveraged with a higher risk exposure than other financial products such as stocks and bonds. Despite a lower ratio of deposit and service charges can attract more customers, potential risks are on the high side. Sunanc International Limited adheres to its standards in the ratio of deposit and service charges, thus controlling transaction risks to a certain extent and ensuring the security of customer accounts. When sticking to the bottom line, Sunanc also emphasizes providing customers with humanized risk control, which includes establishing a dynamic deposit adjustment system according to the trading situation of customers.

Because of the STP direct marketing mode with NDD execution, Sunanc provides a fairer environment in which all customer orders can be directly traded in the international market, and investors can see real-time market prices and execute orders immediately to realize free transactions without the interference of the processing platform or traders.

In addition, all funds traded through Sunanc International Limited Platform will be subject to the strict supervision of global regulatory authorities. All funds of Sunanc customers are completely separated from Sunanc’s funds and stored separately in the world’s top banks, effectively ensuring the security of funds and creating a secure, trustworthy and reliable trading environment for customers.

Sunanc trading platform has been recognized by many institutions and markets for its high coverage and efficient services. In the future, Sunanc International Limited will provide investors with a more professional, convenient, secure, reliable and stable financial investment environment where professional and high-quality services are available and contribute its share to the development of the global economy.

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