Prisidio Launches Digital Vault to Help Protect and Share Life’s Most Important Information

NAPLES, Fla., June 07, 2022 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) — Prisidio, a digital vault that makes it easy for people to securely store, organize, and share life’s most important information, today launched its web and mobile applications (iOS and Android). Prisidio solves the “digital dilemma,” in which people’s critical documents, digital assets, and personal information are spread across physical and digital locations, but they don’t have a convenient, centralized digital access point for all of it.

Through its web and mobile applications, Prisidio combines institutional-grade security with an accessible user interface to make digital organization and sharing accessible, safe, and convenient. Founders Glenn Shimkus and Paul Koziarz are digital document management veterans whose prior startup, Cartavi, was acquired by DocuSign in 2013.

“For decades, Paul and I have worked to set the new standard in secure digital document management for business. Prisidio brings that same standard to individuals and families as well as expands beyond document management to things like family heirlooms, bitcoin holdings, tax records, trusted contacts like insurance agents or wealth advisors, and safe deposit boxes,” said Glenn Shimkus, CEO of Prisidio.

“Our lives include a mix of digital and physical components, but existing cloud storage tools and password managers fail to cover both categories. People need a new approach to identify and organize what they have, where they have it, and who knows about it under one secure, virtual roof. Prisidio’s beta launch showed an immense appetite for what we offer, and we are thrilled to now open the doors to everyone.”

As the digital age created countless ways to store and share information, it also created confusion on where to find and how to share it. The stress and uncertainty people feel when trying to access disparate aspects of their physical and digital lives on a regular basis is amplified at times when those emotions are already high, such as when illness or natural disaster strikes.

With Prisidio, people can track locations of critical and sensitive information like family histories, financial account information, IDs, titles, cryptocurrency keys, leases, deeds, artwork, collectibles, and COVID-19 immunizations. Users can then provide immediate or future vault access that allows family and trusted individuals like attorneys, accountants, and doctors to view the vault items you make available. To ensure peace of mind, vault owners receive notifications whenever items in their vault are accessed or updated by a trusted individual.

Protected by bank-grade encryption, multi-factor authentication, and fraud detection, Prisidio’s digital vault…

  • Centralizes everything important: Prisidio allows users to store vital information, physical documents, and digital assets, in one secure location.
  • Tracks digital assets: Prisidio enables users to create a log of the keys to and storage locations of their digital assets, which can include mobile devices, URLs and cryptocurrency wallets.
  • Inventories physical valuables: Prisidio helps users keep track of physical objects of sentimental or financial value, like quilts, art, and automobiles.
  • Shares access with key individuals: Prisidio gives users control over who can view personal information by providing free restricted accounts to key confidants.
  • Connects with a native mobile app: Prisidio provides vault access at any time, from anywhere through fully-featured iOS and Android applications. Through their mobile devices, users can add written, audio, and video notes to any item.

“The digital age was supposed to make it easier to manage the things that matter most to us, but it’s actually made managing information more fragmented and difficult,” said Paul Koziarz, CMO at Prisidio. “With Prisidio, we’ve made it easier to track and protect what matters most while giving the right people the access to information they need, when they need it.”

Prisidio is available for download through the App Store, Google Play. Sign up to create your vault at

About Prisidio
Prisidio is a cloud-based vault that provides a centralized and secure solution for individuals and families to store, organize, and share life’s essential documents, objects and information. Users can safely access and manage heirlooms, legal agreements, artwork, cryptocurrency assets, medical records, financial information, birth certificates, trusted contacts, and more. Prisidio helps users prepare for the expected and unexpected events in life. Learn how Prisidio keeps your life organized at

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