Users Can Trade Healium (HLM) Token Profitably on XT.COM

DUBAI, UAE, June 1, 2022 /PRNewswire/ — The world’s most trusted digital asset trading exchange, XT.COM is overwhelmed to announce that it is expanding its crypto listing scoop to list Healium (HLM) token in its Innovation Zone (Metaverse) with USDT trading pair on June 1, 2022, at 09:00 (UTC).

Healium (HLM) is a Solana-based cryptocurrency that safely keeps and manages individuals’ genetic data. HLM functions as a native currency that facilitates transactions within Healium’s ecosystem of crypto services. Similar to fiat, HLM tokens can be used to pay for goods and services within the Healium platform.

Listed on XT.COM as HLM/USDT, users are encouraged to start depositing their crypto holdings in preparation for trading. The Healium token listing represents a remarkable innovation and an opportunity for everyone who uses the Healium token to buy and sell HLM/USDT seamlessly on XT.COM, thereby pushing HLM token mainstream adoption.

More so, this is an opportunity for XT.COM users to trade HLM token for the first time on the platform. Withdrawal section will be open for everyone on XT.COM on June 2, 2022, at 09:00 UTC. This portrays that, after trading HLM/USDT, users will be able to transfer their earnings without any difficulties.

XT.COM pledges not to list just any token under the sun on its platform but it’s well-positioned to list only the best selection of cryptocurrencies that have potential use cases.

Anisor, the Global CMO of XT.COM stated, “We are all set to list the Healium (HLM) token in the Innovation Zone (Metaverse) on XT.COM. We will never stop building XT.COM’s crypto ecosystem with a continuous token listing. On behalf of XT.COM, we applaud and welcome the HLM token to be listed on our platform and it’s our pleasure to help users trade seamlessly.”

About Healium Token (HLM)

Healium (HLM) is a blockchain that safely and reliably stores and manages high-value personal information such as an individual’s genetic data. Healium predicts preventable diseases in advance and provides personalized healthcare solutions based on your DTC gene analysis. Through this, Healium wants to establish an ecosystem in which tokens are rewarded through a system where individuals can choose and manage their consent to use data for genetic analysis results.

Beyond Healthcare 3.0, which prevents diseases in advance, we open the era of healthcare 4.0 fused with Bio-Metaverse. Through Healium Bio-Metaverse, Healium provides a platform for you to enjoy various contents such as smart healthcare, shopping, leisure, education, games, and performances etc. Furthermore, you can use Healium coin as a means of payment within the platform.

Healium Metaverse, based on genetic analysis, is the world’s first smart healthcare platform. You can now receive healthcare services in a virtual space known as Bio-Metaverse developed by Healium. What in fact makes Healium Metaverse different from online gaming platforms is that, here in the Metaverse social, economic, and cultural activities are also possible. Healium Metaverse is a platform that combines the physical world and the virtual world. Non-Fungible Token also known as (NFT) uses blockchain technology to verify the actual owner, and is used to authenticate the originality and ownership of data.

About XT.COM

Established in 2018, XT.COM is the world’s first social infused digital assets trading platform, headquartered in Dubai. It has multiple operation centers across the globe including Singapore and Seoul. With 3+ million registered users, over 300,000+ monthly active users, and 30+ million users in the ecosystem, XT.COM strives to cater to its large user base by providing a safe and easy trading experience. The platform currently supports 500+ high-quality currencies and 800+ trading pairs which are accessible to the entire global crypto market.

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