Pulitzer Prize-Winning Photojournalist Lynsey Addario to Release From the Flames on MakersPlace: An NFT Collection Calling Attention to the Deadly Effects of Climate Change

Two Powerful Photos Taken During the 2021 California Fires will be Released as NFTs in a Carbon Neutral Drop to Benefit the Wildland Firefighter Foundation

Drop Date: June 1st 2022 at 3:30 PM PT

SAN FRANCISCO, June 1, 2022 /PRNewswire/ — MakersPlace, the premier marketplace for rare and authentic digital artworks, today announced in collaboration with Ioconic, the company integrating global brands into Web3, that it will be offering the genesis NFT collection From the Flames of Pulitzer Prize-winning photojournalist Lynsey Addario. The photographs were featured in a National Geographic series on the California wildfires of 2021, one of which was a cover for National Geographic’s Year in Pictures, will be released exclusively on MakersPlace on June 1st, 2022 at 3:30PM PT. The carbon neutral From the Flames NFT Collection will be offset using Aerial, a sustainability platform that calculates the carbon emissions based on associated energy use.

From the Flames calls to attention the serious environmental effects of ongoing drought in California coupled with climate change through two poignant photographs from the frontlines of the Caldor and Dixie Fires. Addario is a Pulitzer Prize winner and one of the five most influential photographers of the past 25 years as named by American Photo magazine in 2015. Her work is often centered around important social and environmental issues such as human rights and climate change.

Through this drop, Addario wants to raise global awareness of the severe effects of climate change, while honoring those affected by the 2021 fires by donating 10% of proceeds to the Wildland Firefighter Foundation, a non-profit organization that provides assistance to fallen firefighters’ families and to firefighters injured in the line of duty. Addario has covered conflict zones across the world, including the current crisis in Ukraine, and in 2021, documented the causes and effects of Climate change across three continents: from the floods in South Sudan to deforestation in the Amazon to the wildfires in California. It was especially important to Addario that these NFTs be carbon neutral.

The collection consists of:

  • An auction of one 1/1 artwork with reserve of $2,000 USD: CALDOR FIRE, BURNING CABIN

○     The owner of this NFT will also receive a signed version of the National Geographic cover, a signed archival pigment print on Hahnemühle Fine Art paper and a 30 min Q&A with the creator.
○     The photograph was taken near the Sierra at Lake Tahoe Lodge along Highway 50, in California, August 29, 2021. The image was featured on the cover of National Geographic’s 2021 Year in Review (released Dec. 9th) and January 2022 special edition cover.

  • One limited edition (5/5) photograph, DIXIE FIRE, BUTTE LAKE CAMPGROUND, taken of firefighters monitoring the fireline (the periphery of the fire) as dry winds increase in the Lassen Forest in Northern California. Addario shot these images over a two-week period on the Dixie and Caldor fires, and both were featured in National Geographic‘s powerful photographic series. According to CALFIRE, The Dixie Fire started July 13, and as of October 2021, had burned roughly 965,000 acres

“This collection is especially powerful, because it demonstrates how climate change is destroying our environment across continents,” said Lynsey Addario. “Showing people, not just telling them, why this is an urgent global issue is my primary goal; and I chose MakersPlace to launch my first NFT collection, because of our shared values. The company is committed to the environment with its carbon neutral drop program, and they are all about supporting creators who are looking to express themselves in new ways.”

The offsets from this drop will be allocated to high-quality forest conservation projects verified by American Carbon Registry and to emerging technologies such as Charm industrial that capture carbon from biomass waste and permanently store it underground.

For more information on the drop, visit https://makersplace.com/lynseyaddario/drops/from-the-flames/

About MakersPlace
MakersPlace is the premier NFT marketplace for digital art. Launched in 2018, MakersPlace utilizes blockchain technology to facilitate the sale of authentic, original digital artwork, ensuring rarity and ownership for both creators and collectors. MakersPlace has emphasized accessibility since its inception and has attracted a large mainstream audience as the first NFT marketplace to accept both cryptocurrency (ETH) and non-cryptocurrency (USD) payments, which it facilitates through crypto wallet and credit card transactions, respectively. MakersPlace helped catapult digital art and NFTs onto the global stage, with the historic sale of Beeple’s Everydays: The First 5000 Days for $69.3 million in partnership with Christie’s auction house in March 2021 – the record price for any digital artwork. Our mission is simple: to enable a vibrant future for digital creativity. Please visit: https://makersplace.com/

About Lynsey Addario
Pulitzer Prize-winning American photojournalist Lynsey Addario has covered global humanitarian crises and conflicts for the past 20 years. She is a regular contributor to The New York Times and National Geographic.

Throughout her career, Addario has covered conflicts in Afghanistan, Iraq, Lebanon, Darfur, Congo,South Sudan, Yemen, and Libya, where she was among four New York Times journalists kidnapped in 2011.Currently, Addario is covering the war  in Ukraine for The New York Times.

Addario has been the recipient of numerous international awards throughout her career, including as a member of  the Pulitzer Prize team for International Reporting for her photographs in ‘Talibanistan,’ published in the New York Times Magazine, and a MacArthur “Genius”  Fellowship. American Photo Magazine named Lynsey one of the five most influential photographers of the past 25 years, writing that “Addario changed the way we saw the world’s conflicts.”

About Ioconic
Ioconic is a VC-backed full-service partnership business for brand owners, individual IP holders and licensors, offering exposure to the NFT and digital asset industry. Ioconic’s services to brands cover digital asset strategy formulation, branded digital ecosystem development, branded tokenisation, marketing, and distribution. Established by licensing experts as well as NFT and blockchain specialists, Ioconic’s wide network and experience allows Ioconic to create unique solutions for partners to successfully digitise their brands.

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