You Can Now Date and Earn rewards With Tindearn – Here is How

New York, May 25, 2022 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) — Imagine a world where you make money while finding love

Yes, indeed!

Tindearn is the firstDate-to-Earn app that allowsyou to make money while meeting people. Read on to learn more about why Tindearn could be the best online dating app.

What is Tindearn, and how does it work?

Tindearn is a Web 3 app that uses blockchain technology to allow users to earn while dating online. SWIPE, MATCH, and EARN are three magic words that will get you much closer to financial freedom than any other.

When looking for a date, the app algorithm is designed to ensure you get the best possible partner based on two distinct scores: First, your staking, fixed by how much LIKE token you currently hold, and second, popularity, determined by how much love you get on the app.

The LIKE token is the official currency of Tindearn, and the higher your stake LIKE, the more likely you are to meet people of astounding popularity.
How to date using the Tindearn app?
To begin, download the Tindearn dating app from Google Play Store or the iPhone App Store. Without wasting any time, register and swipe until you get your match!

Up your game by uploading at least two photos on your profile and making that lasting impression.  

How to get rewarded on Tindearn?

All in-app purchases on Tindearn are 100% redistributed to its users.

You can stake LIKE tokens to earn passive rewards in BNB and $LIKE. Tindearn collects a basic 2% sell fee(in BNB) on the LIKE token and BNB from Tindearn Plus and Gold (the 2 premium access of the app). All the BNB collected are 100% redistributed to users.

You can also easily send and receive awesome gifts when you meet your crush. So, you can earn $LIKE everytime you receive Gifts from other users.

Why do investors love Tindearn?

“Staking rewards” are a way of returning value to users andinvestors. With Tindearn, early investors first benefit greatly from staking $LIKE, as more than 30% of the total $LIKE supply will be distributed to stakers.

Most crypto projects have tokenomics where investors and users can have a positive return on investment only if new users are entering the ecosystem. If the ecosystem doesn’t grow, it collapses because of poor tokenomics design.

With Tindearn, the ecosystem is self-sustainable because there is income from Tindearn Plus and Tindearn Gold, the 2 premium access users can purchase.

That’s why Tindearn tokenomics are designed to stand the test of time, be self-sustainable and rewards early investors first. 

How can I invest in Tindearn?

The best way besides using the app is to invest in theLIKE token Fairlaunch, which is to be hosted on Pinksale and starts at 25 May 2022, 14:00 UTC.

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