Mission 6 Launches a Carbon Asset™ Ecosystem with AI, ML, Forensic Engineering, Blockchain & a New Path to Net Zero

AUSTIN, Texas, April 26, 2022 /PRNewswire/ — The Mission 6 Charter Member Summit was held at The Star, headquarters of the Dallas Cowboys. Industry leaders included Digital Realty, The Dallas Cowboys, Pro Star Energy, HCA, JP Morgan Chase, Bernhard Energy, Point B (supporting companies like Starbucks and Microsoft), The Austin Chamber, Wick Capital, DivInc, and Entronix, among others.

Mission 6 (www.mission6.io) is a profit-driven ecosystem empowering corporations to lead the world to Net-Zero. Punitive regulation and social pressure have had little impact on climate change. Mission 6 makes sustainability profitable at a global scale. 

Mission 6 announces the world’s first Energy Carbon Registry where everyone can participate. The new registry uses technology at scale to verify and register decarbonization projects on a global public ledger.

Mission 6 unlocks the real value of carbon. Carbon Assets™ can be included on the balance sheet. Emission-reducing investments are now much more attractive because they are carbon-backed digital assets. The Mission 6 carbon asset (M6) can be exchanged on cryptocurrency markets where everyone can participate in saving energy and mitigating emissions.

Kevin Carriere, CEO of Mission 6, explained how technology is at the core of the endeavor. Carriere said, “The technology behind Mission 6 was designed to overcome the challenges in the legacy carbon markets. We focus on the largest source of emissions (energy), but will add the other market segments to the platform. Mass participation is key, but currently -10% can participate. Mission 6 is here to add technology and scale, while integrating the existing carbon market. Manual processes can only take us so far, and technology is needed for global scale.”

Mission 6 provides an enterprise-grade software platform using international standards.  A global carbon ledger creates transparency to reduce fraud in carbon-offset markets.

Key Participant highlights:

  • John Hickman of the Dallas Cowboys is credited with shaping key components of Mission 6, and serves on the Mission 6 Advisory Board.
  • Erich Sanchack, COO of Digital Realty, is also on the Mission 6 Advisory Board. The data center giant is a leader in sustainability. Sanchack is an industry veteran recognized for leadership in sustainability and recently won the Sustainability Champion Award by NVTC. Sanchack and several members of the executive team at Digital Realty were a contributing factor in forming the Mission 6 offering.
  • Ed Tinsley, CEO of Bernhard, and Rob Guthrie, CDO, presented the benefits of adding carbon assets to the project business case.
  • Kelly O’Rourke, Managing Director of Point B, discussed the challenges corporations face in funding emissions reduction projects.
  • Preston James, CEO of DivInc, and an Austin Chamber board member, discussed the Chamber’s upcoming role in the public launch of Mission 6.
  • Dr. Andrew Dessler, Harvard PhD and top climate advisor from Texas A&M, covered the alarming reality of the current climate crisis.
  • Nathan Albee, Co-Founder of Mission 6, briefed the technology behind the M6 digital asset that combines a Net-Zero blockchain with carbon offsets, creating a cryptocurrency that reduces energy and emissions when mined. “It is an exciting concept, to create a new crypto asset that is the opposite of Bitcoin’s mining energy consumption footprint. M6 transforms Bitcoin’s concept of mining that employs “proof of work,” into a new category of mining, termed “proof of certification” creating intrinsic value based on conservation and sustainability. Efficiency projects that reduce emissions are transformed into crypto miners democratizing sustainability participation with the frictionless benefits of the blockchain.”

Mission 6 is planning a public launch with the Chamber in Austin, Texas in the near future. Visit us at www.mission6.io or contact us at [email protected].

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