Ponyo Announces Plans of Transforming the Perception of Meme Coins

Santiago, Chile–(Newsfile Corp. – November 18, 2021) – Ponyo-INU announces a bold entry into the meme coins space. Despite meme coins being regarded as high-risk no-utility tokens, they have proved very profitable to early adopters who kept faith in them. But their usual lack of use cases and interoperability has resulted in price volatility, and the majority of the crypto community do not view them as a worthwhile investment option. Ponyo Inu announces that it is set to intimate the crypto community of its features and real-world values to change the narrative in a bid to herald the new path other meme coins will toe.

Meme coins have only been courted by individuals with the unit bias, as some individuals love and flirt with the idea of owning a large portion of them. And this they did with little investment capital. It is not strange that a section of the crypto community root for meme coins despite their lack of use cases and utility, even with the increased innovation rocking the crypto world.

Ponyo Inu does not do just one, but a lot of things better. It is an auto-impact token built on the Ethereum framework. This means that Ponyo will partake of Ethereum’s interoperability and scalability. The project’s name is drawn from the 2008 homonymous anime where a goldfish risks it all to bring balance to the world for the sake of her human lover. Ponyo Inu aims to achieve a similar goal, to restore the world’s oceans.

What Makes Ponyo Inu Any Different?

The crypto space is now accustomed to meme crypto projects being all marketing and no use and utility. What makes Ponyo Inu stand out from the hundreds of meme tokens already listed on centralized and decentralized exchanges? Well, let’s see.

  • Ponyo’s ambitious goals ensure they have an end goal in mind. While the value of meme coins is primarily dependent on influencers’ success in creating enough buzz and hype, Ponyo takes the more value-based route. The team behind the project intends to grow the unit valuation of $PONYO by ensuring it is practical.
  • Ponyo has a real-world impact of restoring corals with a promised 3% donation of all token sales to the Coral Restoration Foundation. According to Ponyo, over USD 350,000 has been donated so far despite the project being in its infancy. That’s how much they mean business.
  • They have a realistic roadmap that details the achievements so far and their future goals. The project is currently in the second phase, which is geared towards consolidating on the first. According to the information available on their website, the third phase promises to be the most integral as it aims to improve its value and reach.
  • Ponyo employs the deflationary token model. The effect of placing a cap on the total number of $PONYOs to be mined and the burning of the tokens will increase the unit valuation. As a result, the token valuation will not be hinged on the efforts of the marketing teams alone.

How To Buy $PONYO

Intending investors can purchase in three simple steps. They are to:

  1. Visit the Uniswap website and select the intended exchange pairs of ETH and PONYO.
  2. Connect their Metamask wallet and swap the desired volume of ETH for PONYO using the below stated contract address, 0xf03f082bf49fe71c2ab8dfaf4f8d0aeaa1d3de14.
  3. Set slippage to 11% and click on the swap button, after which the transaction is confirmed.

About Ponyo Inu

Ponyo is the poster child of innovation, auto-impact investing, and a meme coin idea that is based on the Ethereum chain. The project aims to employ gaming use case, utility, charitability, and value-based marketing to increase its unit token valuation. In the same manner as its famous anime homonymous name character, Ponyo’s goal is to bring balance to the world. But by donating to and agitating for the restorals of corals.


Website: https://www.ponyo-i.nu/
Email: [email protected]
Address: Santiago, Chile
Telegram: http://t.me/ponyoinu
Twitter: http://twitter.com/ponyoinu
ERC-20 Contract Address: 0xf03f082bf49fe71c2ab8dfaf4f8d0aeaa1d3de14

To view the source version of this press release, please visit https://www.newsfilecorp.com/release/104208

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