The Driven Project: How Supercar Therapy Is Impacting the Lives of Children Battling Heavy Life Challenges

VANCOUVER, BC / ACCESSWIRE / July 31, 2020 / The excitement provoked by Supercars is ageless. Whether it’s a full-grown adult or a small child, the enthusiasm for such machinery transcends time and space, delivering youthful jubilance to the observer, driver, and owner. Kevin Gordon, founder of The Driven Project, recognized the joy all too often provoked by Supercars and successfully harnessed its remedial capabilities to benefit children battling heavy life challenges. Gordon refers to this as ‘Supercar Therapy’, a method akin to that of Animal Assisted Therapy (AAT) and programs such as Make-A-Wish, which, according to a recent study on the effectiveness of Make-A-Wish interventions, successfully “…emphasize the role of hope and positive emotions in fostering the well-being of children who suffer from serious illnesses.”

Founded in 2018 in Vancouver, Canada, The Driven Project has been intent on delivering joy to children faced with an uphill battle, easing the mental and physical strain associated with illnesses that, in some cases, can be terminal. Gordon organizes one large event monthly in addition to several smaller meet-ups throughout the month bringing Supercar Therapy to these young individuals. Typically, the larger monthly event features up to 8 Supercars driven by professional drivers who escort unassuming kids on the ride of a lifetime throughout the streets of Vancouver and surrounding areas, with the smaller meet-ups commonly occurring in the form of a surprise street party outside of the kids’ homes.

“The idea came to me after selling my company, Convertus, in 2018,” recalled Gordon in regard to how The Driven Project came to be. “The day I sold my company was the same day that I bought my first Supercar. I bought the car, and didn’t feel the satisfaction I thought I would have, but instead felt empty and in need of a new project. I had gone from having a company with over 100 staff members to not knowing what to do. I had to find a new driving force in my life.” The desire for drive, a term Gordon embodies in many aspects of his life, inspired him to ask, “What am I passionate about and what resources do I have at my disposal?”

Gordon soon realized the answer to this question in seeing the emotional response that his supercar generated. “The car,” explained Gordon, “creates an amazing sense of happiness, joy, and excitement, so I started taking people for rides, and it evolved into taking children battling heavy life challenges and their family members out for something much larger that is now the Driven Project.” The lineup of Supercars in The Driven Projects portfolio consists of models from Lamborghini, Ferrari, Audi, McLaren, Range Rover, Jaguar, etc., some of which are provided by the dealerships who also provide drivers, and others that are provided by owners who volunteer their time as drivers.

Evolving The Driven Project from touring around friends and family to becoming a fleet of machinery chartering other people’s children on the ride of a lifetime did not happen overnight. “I give The Driven Project the same attention to detail that I’ve directed to my past ventures,” Gordon shared, “operating it like I would a company. This has allowed us to maintain our flawless track record and operate safely through our driver vetting process.” This level of commitment from Gordon and his team of volunteers is what has made The Driven Project the first of its kind worldwide. Few have the resources, connections, and tact to be able to deliver this opportunity at the same capacity. “Barriers to entry include safety precautions,” explained Gordon, “you’re getting parents to trust you to keep their kids safe, which is a huge responsibility.”

Gordon credits the relationship that the Driven Project has developed with the Vancouver Police Department (VDP) in being able to make this experience both possible and incredibly safe. The VDP has been integral in blocking off routes specifically intended for the deserving VIP’s residing in the passenger seats of these Supercars, as well as helping to provide a presence at monthly events.

Under Gordon’s leadership, The Driven Project team consists of 15 drivers, 3 event coordinators, 1 photographer, 3 videographers, and 16+ VPD, in addition to the philanthropy of supercar owners and supercar dealerships to successfully deliver upon its vision. Though the Supercars are the main feature, the mandate behind the operation is much broader. Gordon explained that what drives him is being able to, “Provide kids who have been robbed of their future with the most extraordinary experience of their shortened lives.” The purpose of putting together such an expansive team is to create an experience that makes “…these kids feel like they’re not sick when they’re with us on those days by providing an experience that is so all-encompassing and demanding and unique.” Through effectively documenting the experience, participants are then able to reflect on the day when it’s over, cherishing the memory.

For Gordon, the Driven Project is the driving factor in his life. “Success is more than the number in your bank account or a fast car,” he commented, “it’s about what is your impact and what is your legacy.” As an entrepreneurial inspiration to many, Gordon is demonstrating behaviors that aspiring up-and-comers can learn to live by. Success means little if there is no drive behind the why, and we have Kevin Gordon to thank for setting the example of what this drive can look like and lead to.

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